Journey To Jah || Movie
Directors: Noel Dernesch, Moritz Springer
Editors: Christoph Senn, Michelle Barbin

I had the pleasure to take over the editing in a pre-RoughCut phase and took it to the final edit.

The feature length documentary won:
AUDIENCE AWARD (Zurich Film Festival 2013 NARRATIVE FEATURE AUDIENCE AWARD (Maui Film Festival 2014).
It was shortlisted for the GERMAN ACADEMY AWARD in 2014 (Deutscher Filmpreis).

I was very happy to be part of this huge project.

These are the opening credits for “Journey To Jah” which I developed as well. Luckily, my good friend Ole Peters took the time to do the visuals and the motion design. This is what came out.
Thanks again, Ole!

Christoph Senn

Ole Peters